Sleeping rogue

Sleeping Rogue.jpg

Sleeping Rogue is a 2D puzzle platformer in which a sleepy master thief, Fabian, must complete a daring heist to save his wife. Fabian is no ordinary thief, however; when he falls asleep, he can enter a split reality, the Dream World. Within the Dream World, his abilities change and the world itself restructures around him.

My contributions to Sleeping Rogue:

- Worked as the Lead Designer creating the main mechanic of the game
- Prototyped and built the tutorial level, including sequencing

- Designed and built an arcade-type level to play in between each level
- Worked with designers, art, and programming to create a holistic experience

- Fleshed out the main mechanic of the game to stretch it to its limits
- Designed various puzzles to integrate with the main mechanic

- Wrote the GDD along with our other designers

- Designed the narrative and directed the opening/closing cutscenes


Main Mechanic

As the Lead Designer on this project, I came up with the concept of having a puzzle platformer in which you jumped between different world states in order to progress through the level and solve puzzles. With my group, we came up with various different interactions that utilized this world swapping mechanic to create a short yet fun game.

See below for a demonstration of this!


The beginning and ending cutscenes for Sleeping Rogue were influenced by Blade Runner: 2049. I had written out an entire narrative/backstory for our character and then took its and pieces to create short blurbs acceptable for a cutscene.

Arcade Level

Before we decided to create one big level for Sleeping Rogue, we had five full levels to play through. Because of this, we wanted to have something in between each level to act as a fun little break for the player. I designed it to be one big room where the player had a limited amount of time to collect as many Dream Shards as possible. Below is a demonstration of one of the iterations of the level!